Zajazd Żuławy

82-300 Elblag, Kazimierzowo
(near the Elblag ring road, next to the Circle K petrol station)
Phone: 0048 55 236 30 20
0048 732 613 888
GPS: 54,1662 / 19,3555


Hotel is ideal starting point for wonderful excursions and visiting attractions in our region.During your stay necessarily you have to travel by ship going in water and than on rails on grass through a unique on world scale system of 5 inclined planes.It's unforgettable adventure.



Our culinary offer is a set of experiences from our journeys and observations of many different countries. All dishes are prepared with carefully selected,fresh and top-quality ingredients. Thanks to our guests' advices and remarks we would like to make an exceptional place of it.


Meat dishes

MEAT DISHES            

1.  Traditional Polish pork chop served with fried cabbage   29 zł

2.  Fried pork neck served with garlic dip   29 zł

3.  Half roast duck with cranberry-apple-orange sauce served with fried red cabbage   47 zł

4.  Pork knuckle baked in beer served with fried cabbage, horseradish and mustard   36 zł                                       

5.  Chicken Kiev stuffed with butter and parsley leaves   29 zł                                                                                  

6.  Poultry schnitzel served with fried egg on the top   28 zł                                                                                    

7.  Stuffed cabbage leaves with minced meat and buckwheat with tomato sauce   27 zł

8.  Hungarian-style potato pancake with goulash and sour cream   29 zł                                                                          

9.  Pork tenderloin with forest mushroom and rosemary sauce   33 zł                                                                       



Dishes are served with

Boiled potatoes with butter, Mashed potatoes, 

Potato slices, Chips,

Silesian noodles, Buckwheat  or  Rice


Salad  or  Seasonal salad to choose from.


All meat dishes are served in weight min. 150 g.

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